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Global Local is a 30-month Erasmus+ KA2 project that looks to explore and challenge the idea that outward mobility is only accessible to a minority of young people from privileged backgrounds. Whilst many opportunities for mobility exist within Erasmus and Higher Education, the problem is that these experiences are often too daunting for young people who have never left their local area. For many, leaving the familiarity of their (often quite small) local area for any kind of learning or work opportunity is a stumbling block with multiple barriers (financial, emotional, social) to overcome. Therefore the project looks help young people become more informed about education and employment opportunities outside their local areas and how to access them, increasing their confidence to move city, region or even country for learning and work.
This is being achieved through the production of a series of resources for students and teachers, the most innovative of which is the development of an interactive online game that demonstrates the personal and professional benefits of different mobility pathways. Through a series of problem-solving activities and levels representing moving regionally, nationally and internationally, the game addresses multiple barriers and highlights the advantages to travelling outside your local area for learning and work. This will inspire discussions around mobility within schools, equipping students with the knowledge of how to access mobility and overcome any barriers, as well as the advantages.

The game is complimented with additional resources designed for schools and teachers that highlight travel as an educational resource:
- A Charter outlines the minimum requirements schools should meet in order to consider themselves good at encouraging students to seek opportunities outside their local area.
- An eBook of best practices highlights European wide initiatives that support and encourage young people to seek mobility opportunities.
- A teacher Toolkit with a practical guide on how to embed the topic of mobility into education.
- A ‘Broadening Horizons’ resource pack providing information, tools and labour market information about moving area for learning and work.